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Conferences and Speaking Engagements

July 2017

Western Conservative Summit

Radio Interview with Dan Happel “Connecting the Dots” (July 13th and 20th)

Radio Interview “Caravan to Midnight” (July 27th)


June 2017

Energy Exposition 2017 – Loveland, CO

  • Regulation Without Representation

Red Pill Exposition – Bozeman, MT

  • Regulation Without Representation


May 2017

Joint Ag Committee – Hulett, WY

  • Harriet Hageman Testifies Regarding Wyoming Water Law

Laramie County Cowbelles

  • History of Wyoming Water Law


April 2017

Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, NE

Wyoming Realtor’s Association – Casper, WY

  • Wyoming Water Law 101


March 2017

  • Custer County, Lincoln Day Dinner, Idaho


March 2017

Wyoming Water and Energy Law Conference – Cheyenne, WY


February 2017

University of Wyoming “Annie’s Project” – Lovell, WY

  • Water Law 101


January 2017

United Property Owners of Montana Conference – Helena, MT

  • Regulation Without Representation


October 2016

American Lands Council Conference – Salt Lake City, UT

  • Regulation without Representation


June 2014

12th Annual Wyoming Water and Energy Law Conference – Cheyenne, WY

  • Regulation without Representation


April 2012

10th Annual Wyoming Water and Energy Law Conference – Cheyenne, WY


July 2010

ABC’s of Water – Casper, WY


April 2010

8th Annual Wyoming Water Law Conference – Solutions for a Stronger Wyoming – Cheyenne, WY

March 2010

Water Commissioner’s School – Pinedale, WY


April 2009

7th Annual Wyoming Water Law Conference – In the Far and Mighty West, Where the Crimson Sun Seeks Rest… Cheyenne, Wy


Sept. 2008

Water Law 101: An Overview for Real Estate Professionals – Casper, WY


May 2008

Wyoming Farm Bureau NEPA Conference – Casper, WY


April 2008

6th Annual Wyoming Water Law Conference – Supply, Quality and Energy – Cheyenne, WY


March 2008

Wyoming Association of Rural Water Systems, 17th Annual Technical Conference – Casper, WY


March 2008

Good Neighbor Forum – Cheyenne, WY


Jan. 2008

Wyoming Water Law 101 for Landowners – Lusk, WY


Oct. 2007

Litigating the Clinton-Era Roadless Rules and Insights Gained on Opposition Groups
Harriet Hageman, Keynote Speaker


June 2007

Water 101


May 2007

2007 Nebraska Water Law Conference – Lincoln, NE

  • Harriet M. Hageman – Ground Water Laws


April 2007

5th Annual Wyoming Water Law Conference – Keeping up with the Changing Landscape – Cheyenne, WY

  • Harriet M. Hageman – Update on Federal & State Environmental Law



4th Annual Water Law Conference – Cheyenne, WY

October 2005

Harriet Hageman speaks to the Private Property Rights Foundation of America.

March 2004
Wyoming Water Law Conference by CLE, International; Cheyenne, Wyoming


January 2004
NEPA Survey – A Practical Guide to the National Environmental Policy Act by CLE, International; “State of Wyoming vs. United States Department of Agriculture: The Forest Service Roadless Case”; Denver, Colorado


December 2003

Conjunctive Ground Water and Surface Water Management by the Western States Water Council; “Conjunctive Use Issues in Wyoming and Nebraska: Spear T Ranch v. Knaub”; Amarillo, Texas


April 2003
Wyoming Water Law and Management in Drought: A Close-Up on the Laramie River; Laramie, Wyoming